Motion of Solidarity to GM workers in Colombia

GM metalworkers in Colombia are exposed to poor working conditions. Following the exploitation model adopted worldwide, the automaker also demands a high production pace and inadequate working environment.

The consequence of this situation is that the metalworkers come down with diseases and run the risk of labor accidents. The very same thing also takes place in the plants in Brazil.

We acknowledge the struggle of the workers organized at ASOTRECOL, arbitrarily laid off by GM directorship. It was an arbitrary layoff once the metalworkers fired had injuries suffered in the plants, just like what has happened in Brazil.

Such layoffs are against the principles of respect to the human dignity and contrary to ILO (International Labor Organization) policy, in relation to workers' health conditions.

The metalworkers in São José dos Campos and region, united with the international movement in favor of GM fired workers in Colombia, demand their immediate reinstatement.

We also request that the Colombian government apply punishing measures to GM and defend the Colombian metalworkers.

Metalworkers Union in São José dos Campos and Region

June 28th., 2012