Motion of solidarity to OPEL and PSA workers

The workers cannot pay for the crisis created by the employers and bankers who feed on the workers' exploitation

In behalf of the Metalworkers Union of São José dos Campos, we express our solidarity to the European Day of Action against the closing of OPEL and PSA factories in Europe. During an assembly, yesterday (June 27), thousands of GM workers have unanimously approved this solidarity.

The workers cannot pay for the crisis created by the employers and bankers who feed on the workers' exploitation.

Here in Brazil, the workers suffer threats and blackmail from General Motors directors, who try to reduce rights and salaries. The restructuring process which has been built by the automaker has already ended up with around 2,200 job posts in the country the past year. Recently, at the plant in São José dos Campos, the company has announced the closing of one of the production working shifts of a section in the plant. Now, there lies the risk of closing the whole assembly section, what would bring about the end of 1,500 job posts.

The company's plans convey a brutal productive reorganization to reduce job posts, increase the production pace and reduce salaries. The result of all that is higher exploitation of the workers.

All these attacks happen at a moment in which the Brazilian government is granting the automakers with a decrease in taxes. The measure is only helping the automakers have more profit, but not helping the workers. The job cuts keep happening, while the government does nothing.

All around the world, General Motors keeps up the policy of laying people off and closing plants in search for cheaper labor force. We, workers worldwide, have to be united to face the automaker's attacks.

Therefore, we are solidary with the European metalworkers' struggle against GM attacks and against every capitalist company.

Metalworkers Union in São José dos Campos and Region

June 28th., 2012