Trade Union strengthens steps to defend jobs at GM

The Trade union has strengthened up, over the past days, the steps to defend the maintenance of the metalworker's jobs at GM. Union representatives have charged the govern measures which preserve the employment level at the plant.

Last week, the company announced the end of the afternoon shift work activities at MVA section. Such measure has led to a rearrangement of the workers to other existing shifts and sections and has brought about great concern among the workers.

GM has also offered a voluntary layoffs program (PDV).

The metalworkers ask for effective measures to ensure the maintenance of the job posts. “Dilma's government needs to create a temporary measure which guarantees job stability and prohibits automakers from dismissing workers,” says Antônio Ferreira de Barros, A.K.A. Macapá, the Union director.

This was one of the claims approved by GM metalworkers laid in meetings held last week.

“The federal government has given the automakers a billionaire decrease in taxes. It should, at least, guarantee the workers' stability,” added Macapá.

In ABC Paulista region, there's also a wave of layoffs and attacks. Mercedes has suspended the working contract assignment of 1,500 workers. Scania has dismissed 120 and other 320 metalworkers are under threat. MWM, in its turn, has reduced working hours and salaries.

In total, three thousand layoffs are estimated to have happened in the ABC region.

Metalworkers approve claims

Last week, the Trade Union carried out several meetings with GM workers, who approved the following claims to be sent to the company's direction and to the federal government:

- Effective measures which ensure job stability

- Open negotiation with GM

- 100% of the production of Classic (model) in São José plant

- Nationalization of the vehicles produced abroad and imported

- Return of the truck factory

- Hiring of the dismissed workers, specially the injured ones

- Reopening of the afternoon shift work activities at MVA section

Reasonless layoffs

GM has no reason to dismiss workers as the company recognizes there is no workforce in excess.

The production pace is high, including overtime work on weekends. Last month, GM reached the second place in the ranking of car sales in the country.

As if it weren't enough, there is also the government's stimulus and the IPI reduction the government has granted the automakers.

In fact, what we see is that the automakers are keeping the Treasury money to lay off and attack workers.

In favor of jobs, Trade Union seeks government

For the maintenance of jobs, the Trade Union has made all possible efforts to seek support against the layoffs at General Motors.

Metalworkers representatives met the Labor Minister, Brizola Neto, a few days ago, to charge measures against the cuts. The minister, upon the Union's request, got in contact with GM, and the company's plans were stated, such as the closure of one of the working shift activities at MVA.

Last week, the Union sent a request to the governor Geraldo Alkmin so that an urgent meeting is held to discuss the GM issue.

The Union has also reached the mayor Eduardo Cury, with whom we also had meetings in the beginning of May.