Rio+20 begins, but with no perspective of ambitious goals

UN event and the meeting known as Peoples' Summit (Cúpula dos Povos) will be held simultaneously, with the participation of CSP-Conlutas

Rio+20, which has been widely advertised, is a conference that officially begins on Wednesday, June 20th, in Rio de Janeiro. However, a lot of people are "uninvited" to the event, organized by UN - United Nations.

Rio+20 is a UN meeting including almost all the countries worldwide to discuss, according to its creators' words, how the world will economically grow, prevent people from starvation and preserve the environment.

Rio+20 is so called as it's been 20 years since Rio92 and Eco92.

The event has really expressive numbers. Besides the several negotiation tables among the countries, over a thousand on-site side events will unite government, companies, NGOs, scientific community and diverse political movements.

The issue of the crises won't be ignored. On the contrary, during Rio+20, there will be the defense for the world's economic growth return, with sustainability, a "magic" word (widely used the past years) which, in general, refers to the preservation of natural resources, so that the future generations won't be impaired.

"The green economy operates the great assault to nature's last haven: changing what is common, natural, vital and irreplaceable to life, such as water, soil, fertility, forests, genes and others, into priced goods," said the environmentalist and theologist Leonardo Boff, in an article published on Carta Maior agency website.

Regarding the great majority's speech of the groups present at Rio+20, the big contradiction is that capitalism doesn't go with environmental preservation. In the current system, the logic is not limited only to the exploitation of the working class, but also to the predatory use of the planet's natural resources in the name of profit.

In addition, such a magnificent event may, once again, not end up with agreements between the countries in favor of an effective environment preservation. Probably, only a “joint statement” will be published, not a document demanding changes approved by the parliament nor great investments.

United Nations published some worrying information a few days ago, according to which only four out of the 90 most important environmental goals agreed the past 40 years have had significant improvement. The number is lower than the goals which moved a step backwards: eight, in total.

In contrast
Along with the UN event, the “Peoples' Summit at Rio+20 for Social and Environmental Justice” will take place at Aterro do Flamengo in Rio capital city.

The Summit, which will serve as a counterpoint to the discussions at Rio+20, will rely on several side events, including the participation of CSP-Conlutas.

Our main flag at the event will be: “There is no sustainable development in Capitalism. Only Socialism grants the environmental preservation.”

On June 20th, a great protest will take place, which may be supported by educational workers and students on strike.

Click bellow to download CSP-Conlutas leaflet which is being distributed at Rio+20.